Visiting Our Salon

Visiting Our Salon


The reason for visiting our beauty salon is an easy decision for you to make. We believe a beauty salon should make you feel good and offer treatments that are a great value.

Most salons offer very similar services so if you can get the same treatments from a number of different places then why should you visit ours.

We do offer a select number of treatments to our customers and these are delivered at a high quality that leave our clients coming back for more. For the most part we over deliver on the services we offer and are not tied up by having other clients waiting as we allow enough time between appointments to treat each person as an individual and adjust the treatments we are doing to suit their individual needs. If asked we can add on extra beauty treatments if asked and offer advice.

Our prices are cheaper than local high street salons because we are a home based salon and can pass some great savings on to our customers. This means our customers can either save the money for other things or be able to come back for regular treatments more often or simply get a few extras while they are with us. Have a look at our prices here – check our beauty prices.

We have some great flexibility when it comes to appointment times and manage to accomodate the majority of clients requirements. Give us a call with the appointment you need and we will see if we can help you. 

Our salon is in quite a central location, is easy to reach by car and has a bus stop close by. If travelling by car, there are easy to park, large areas available which are less than a minutes walk away.

The environment in which we base our salon is one of a friendly, relaxed one where you can chill out, forget your troubles, have a drink and a chat and enjoy your beauty treatment. We never rush anyone and encourage our customers to spend some extra time having a relax. Most of our customers are more like our friends and we love to see them.

If you are looking for a salon to use or would like to try a new one, then contact us and book an appointment, we look forward to seeing all of our customers, both old and new.


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