Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading – Traditional Indian Threading

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Get your eyebrows threaded by an Indian lady with 20 years experience. Genuine Indian eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading and shaping only £5.00

Add a eyebrow tint for only £5.00 (patch test required)

Upper Lip only £5.00 with chin free if required.

Full face threading, including eyebrows £15.

I am based in Pool, Redruth, Cornwall with convenient parking only a minutes walk away.


What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading originated in the East and has been used there as a form of hair removal for many years. It has recently started to become more popular in the U.K and people are beginning to see the benefits of this technique over waxing

Threading only uses a thread and no chemicals come into contact with the skin which makes it a superior method of removing hair when compared to waxing, especially with sensitive skin.

As you have more threading appointments, the hairs begin to grow back finer and the hairs become easier to maintain.

Length of time between appointments varies and can be anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the individual but the average is around 4 to 5 weeks.


Cornwall Eyebrow Thread And Tint

Eyebrow threading is performed using a piece of threaded that is twisted and then gets rolled over the area where there are hairs and the thread will remove a line at one time. The hairs will be removed at the follicle level and can work well on very small, fine hairs. The more often you have your hairs threaded the finer the hairs will become and as they become finer, any pain that maybe experience will slowly reduce.

The pain you may experience during the threading of your brows or facial hairs will differ between people, depending on tolerance to pain and how used you are to having hairs removed by thread, wax or tweezers. The pain will not last very long and will feel similar to using tweezers but as a number of hairs are removed at once it will be over quickly.

When removing hairs by threading, there are no chemicals used on the skin as waxing would which is much more hygenic for the skin which is a big advantage if you have sensitive skin.

Using thread on the eyebrows is a very precise method of shaping the brows and it is also a great way of removing hairs on the face, upper lip and chin.

I provide a professional threading service for anyone in Cornwall. I live in the Redruth area of Cornwall so if you live within a good distance to me and are looking for someone with many years of experience and with an Indian origin to do your brows at a great price then give me a call.


Eyebrow Threading Cornwall Information


There is a lot of information about threading already on this page. It is a fast growing way of removing your facial hair and every month there are many more people trying out threading. I have many Facebook reviews and many happy customers who recommend me to their family, friends and colleagues. My prices are very cheap compared to other salons that do threading and having been a threading practitioner for 20 years you can be sure to be in good hands.