Why Is Threading Better Than Plucking

Threading is able to remove very fine hair strands which are hard to get with the tweezers and is recommended if you are looking for tht natural look.

As threading is very precise, the practitioner has greater control over which hairs are removed and they can also use the line that the thread makes as a guide to determine which hairs need to be removed which helps in shaping the brow.

Plucking, of course can be done by yourself but it is very time consuming, even if done by someone else. Threading removes lots of fine hairs simultaneously which makes the process much faster. Your eyebrows can be threaded and shaped in 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the state of your brows.

It is a close call but threading is probably less painful than plucking, probably because it takes more hairs in one go. Over time the hairs also get finer and after a few appointments, very little pain will be experienced.